It's time to dress up for summer. Outside there are green meadows, flowering plants and trees laden with fruit.  So put on all the vivid colours of long summer days, with delightful floral motifs borrowed from nature. Whether you're travelling far away or just taking a swing on the golf course, it really makes no difference.

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The "Happy Skirts" Capsule Collection, designed by Peter Erlacher, is inspired by the finest Oriental fabrics. It consists of four garments that draw on the four Kirtan Kriya mantras of the Indian tradition (knowledge, wisdom, vitality, the art of communication), which also invoke the cycle of creation and the four seasons.

"Mimesi" is the name that artist Elena Bugada has given to her work of art, which interprets the story of these skirts, and the origins of their creation. They are shown as the combination of many different encounters: between east and west, and between art and crafts, just as the four seasons reach their peak in the vitality of summer. And then the weave of the skirt develops into natural forms, with floral and geometric motifs evoking plants in botanical gardens.

Elena Bugada's artistic works make use of a variety of different media: drawing, photography or "photo design", video and installations. And the mimesi, in this example of wearable art, is seen as interpreting the language of nature through the weave of the fabric in the four skirts.

The idea could only be the result of a journey, the experiences of a traveller who immersed himself in the colours and scents of the East. And so these influences took form on the garments, as in a summer meadow, with geometric designs, flowers and plants. The encounters of a journey thus became woven into the actual fabric, just as in the practice of yoga the body contains and calms your thoughts, while the mind controls the involuntary activity of the body - such as breathing - adjusting it to a proper equilibrium. The floral and geometrical patterns in the fabrics evoke ancient botanical atlases and atavistic figures symbolic of existence.

The Kirtan Kriya mantra, as mentioned, is divided into four parts, just as the collection consists of four skirts. Finger gestures accompany the production of the primary sounds, S T N M A or Panj Shabd, in their original verbal form: Sa, Infinite, Cosmos, Beginning; Ta, Life, Existence; Na, Death; Ma, rebirth. The entire mantra describes the cycle of creation. Whenever you close a mudra by pressing your thumb to a finger, the ego "seals" the effects of that mudra into consciousness.

Any woman who wears these skirts will be conscious of wearing a work of art.

The garments in the capsule collection are on sale in some of our pro-shops.