SS24 Golf Collection

Together with the yearning for fluidity and freedom of movement, hand-designed prints and motifs take centre stage in what may well be one of our most adventurous collections to date: captivating, technological, high-performance garments to support the player's game and give them that bold edge.

Team Chervò: the faces of the new collection

Chervò is expanding more and more each day, demonstrating its commitment to pros on the world's major tours, including the DPWorld Tour, LPGA Tour, LET and G4D Tour.

  • The DPWT – "DP World Tour" – is an international golf tour for professionals, hosting a series of events and tournaments worldwide. Founded to promote golf worldwide, the DPWT attracts some of the best professional players from various countries and is one of the main showcases for talent and competitiveness in professional golf.

  • The LET – short for "Ladies European Tour" – is a professional golf tour for women, which allows players from Europe and beyond to compete at international level. Founded in 1978, it organises tournaments in different countries across Europe and throughout the world, giving the players the chance to compete and climb the world ranking.

  • The LPGA – or "Ladies Professional Golf Association" – is an organisation that governs women's professional golf throughout the world. Founded in 1950 in the United States, the LPGA runs a series of tournaments worldwide for the very best golf players and has contributed significantly to promoting women's golf and strengthening its position in world sport.

  • The Challenge Tour, operated by the PGA European Tour, is a professional golf competition that offers up-and-coming players the chance to break into the ET by performing well in the tournaments throughout. It provides a launch pad for young talents and for those looking to regain a place among golf's elite competitors.

  • The G4D (Golf For the Disabled Tour) tour is an international golf competition for disabled athletes. Established to give disabled sportsmen and women the chance to compete and develop, the G4D Tour promotes inclusion in golf. Through a series of events and tournaments, the tour offers athletes the chance to compete nationally and internationally while helping to raise awareness about the importance of accessibility and equity in sport.

  • The ALPS Tour is a European professional golf competition that gives aspiring players the opportunity to compete at international level and gain access to the most prestigious tours, including the Challenge Tour and European Tour. Founded in 2001, the ALPS Tour organises various tournaments throughout Europe, enabling participants to rack up their points and climb the ranking.

From acclaimed players to young, up-and-coming talents, vlet's meet the faces who'll be wearing SS24 collection pieces and representing us this year.

Matteo Manassero - DPWT

Matteo Manassero embodies the spirit of Italian golf with his exceptional talent and ongoing commitment to the European Tour. Kicking off his young career with the promise of great success, Manassero quickly earned the respect of the global golfing community. Thanks to his fluid playing style and determination, he's won numerous major titles and established a firm position as one of the best Italian players in world golf. This year began in the best way possible with his win at the Jonsson Workwear Open in South Africa.

Johannes Veerman - DPWT

Johannes Veerman stands out on the golf scene for his extraordinary technical ability and consistent results. An American who turned professional in 2015, Veerman soon made his mark on the European Tour, demonstrating intelligent play and a competitive mindset. Delivering one great performance after the next, Veerman has earned the respect of his peers and the admiration of fans throughout the world.

Andrea Pavan - DPWT

Andrea Pavan stands out on the golf scene for his determination and tireless pursuit of excellence. Having registered a number of major wins and top-notch performances throughout his career, Pavan has established himself as one of the best Italian players on the European Tour. At the end of the 2009 season, he – together with Matteo Manassero – led Italy to success in The Spirit International Amateur Golf Championship. His dedication to the game and ability to handle challenges make him a formidable opponent on any golf course.

Jenny Shin - LPGA

Jenny Shin – who turned pro in 2010 – has shone on the women's golf scene thanks to her grace on the course and determination off it. A standout from a young age, in 2006 she won the U.S. Girls' Junior and became the tournament's youngest winner. Her technical prowess and competitive mindset make her a force to be reckoned with in any tournament.

Benedetta Moresco - LPGA

With exceptional talent and technique driving her success Benedetta Moresco is a young up-and-coming star in women's golf. With a number of impressive performances on the LPGA Tour under her belt, Benedetta has proven that she has all the attributes needed to reach the highest peaks in professional golf. Her ongoing commitment and passion for the game make her an inspiring figure for young golfers worldwide.

Alessandra Fanali - LET

Alessandra Fanali is widely respected and renowned on the Ladies European Tour, thanks to her elegant playing style and staunch determination. With a career full of outstanding performances, Alessandra has shown she has the talent and discipline needed to compete with the world's best players. Her passion for the game and desire to keep improving make her an icon in women's golf. In early 2024, she finished runner-up in the Magical Kenya Ladies Open.

Gregorio De Leo - Challenge Tour

Gregorio De Leo stands out on the golf scene for his dedication to the game and determination to reach his goals. Born in Biella, Italy in 2000, Gregorio De Leo inherited his passion for golf from his mother, who took him to the course for the first time at 6 years of age. From there, it was love at first sight: he turned pro in 2021, making his début at the Italian Open and, after securing three victories on his first appearance at the Alps Tour, soon earned a Challenge Tour 2023 card.

Tommaso Perrino - G4D Tour

Tommaso Perrino is a phenomenal Italian player widely renowned on the golf scene. His extraordinary talent and staunch determination make him a shining star in the professional game: he overcame various challenges to become one of the EDGA's top players and is currently in the top 10 world ranking for golfers with disabilities. With a number of excellent performances under his belt on the G4D Tour, Tommaso constantly demonstrates all the qualities needed to succeed. In early 2024, he was named a "Master" – a category of merit – by the PGAI (Professional Golfers' Association of Italy).

Monty Scowsill - ALPS Tour

Monty Scowsill is widely respected and renowned on the ALPS Tour, thanks to his powerful playing style and competitive mindset. He started playing golf at 15 and, after demonstrating a natural talent for the game, kept improving until eventually turning pro. While he's encountered plenty of challenges on his journey, Monty has continued to progress, achieving success at both University and international level. With a number of outstanding performances under his belt, Scowsill has shown he has the talent and determination to compete with the best players on tour.

Alexandra Fosterling - LET&LPGA

Born on 27 November 1999 in Berlin, Germany, Alexandra Försterling has been a prominent figure since her amateur days, showcasing her talent both nationally and internationally. With wins in prestigious events like the European Young Masters and German International Amateur, she has solidified her reputation as one of golf's hottest talents.

Golf is more popular now than ever before, and the new generation of golfers is richly diverse. Pushing limits in their individual lives, they're poised to change the game and so are we.