This the season, and this season Chervò has the perfect color combination for active and fashionable women. Now that temperatures have fallen, it’s time for a wardrobe refresh and we can assure you, you’ll look fresh in Cadmium Orange and Warm Taupe. match_orangetaupe_blog1Cadmium Orange will immediately evoke the playful spirit of the 1960s and 70s. It’s a color that feels fun and optimistic, but also subtly dramatic and sophisticated. With such a bold color, be sure to pair it with a neutral that will allow it stand out: Warm Taupe is the perfect companion. Warm Taupe is hearty, approachable, and pairs well with all of this season’s hottest colors. Start with Warm Taupe as the base of your outfit and then highlight your look with a Cadmium orange vest, hat, or coat.   match_orangetaupe_blog2 Chervò’s Fall-Winter 206 line will allow ladies to embrace two of the most popular colors of this season. By adding some Warm Taupe pieces to your wardrobe, you’ll have the ideal neutral to be able to start accessorizing and building accented outfits. This season, when the weather gets colder, you can count on having fun and warming up a room with pieces from Chervò in Cadmium Orange and Warm Taupe.