If there's a place that embodies timeless elegance, enchanting beauty, and an unmistakable lifestyle, it's undoubtedly the Mediterranean. Imagine immersing yourself in a world of charm and sophistication, guided by the vibrant influence of one of the most iconic places on Earth. Chervò, the epitome of excellence in golf apparel, has captured the essence of this enchanting location in its latest creation: the 2024 Mediterranean Collection.

Explore the magical blend of timeless luxury and Mediterranean inspiration that makes Chervò's new collection a true masterpiece of apparel: each piece in this collection tells a story of elegance, comfort, and sophisticated style. Ready to dive into a world that celebrates the timeless beauty of the Mediterranean? Welcome to Chervò's 2024 Mediterranean Collection, where fashion meets the art of living.

Chervò Mediterranean Collection 2024: Elegance and Performance on the Course.

The deep blue, a mostly unknown yet incredibly fascinating world: a universe of shapes, colors, life, and movement.

The 2024 Mediterranean Collection continues the journey started with the previous Venice-inspired line, exploring the sea and its wonders from the surface: the sea urchin pattern and the camouflage with wave motifs in this line become emblems of the journey along the water's edge.

The water that surrounds and embraces us becomes the link between the blowing wind and what lies beneath the surface.

Colors blending between azure, aquamarine, and green, transitioning to the white of the technologically advanced fabrics of sails and air charged with sea salt, reign supreme in the palette of the 2024 Mediterranean Collection: a line designed to amaze with its uniformity across both male and female garments.

The same color scale perfectly aligns with the raison d'être of the collection, created for those chasing the perfect swing in resorts around the world. The golf course's green and the sea blend and coexist harmoniously, becoming the ideal backdrop for this smart athleisure line for golfers who love to travel.

A cohesive vision that enhances the deep connection between nature and man, surface and depth, air and water.

Materiali Tecnologici

Beneath the surface of style, hides innovation. Our garments are crafted with advanced technological materials that offer breathability, extreme elasticity, strength, and sun protection. The microfiber polyamide Drymatic® fabrics used in the collection allow for rapid drying and are extremely breathable, ensuring constant freshness. Additionally, the UV Sunblock® matte finish will protect you from the sun's rays, not just on the hottest days.

Chervò garments will allow you to face each round with maximum comfort.

Design and Anatomical Fit

Our commitment to achieving perfection is reflected in the anatomical details of the garments. Each piece is designed to fit your silhouette and follow your body's movements fluidly during the swing. The ergonomic design ensures a flawless fit, giving an extra boost to your on-course performance. Our garments are designed to optimize your game, offering maximum freedom of movement and the necessary support to tackle each shot with confidence and elegance.

Versatility not only on the Course

Beyond elegance, unique style, and performance, versatility is at the core of our collection. Enjoy the ability to effortlessly transition from the golf course to the clubhouse, always maintaining the style that distinguishes Chervò garments. Wear your golf apparel with pride, wherever your passion takes you: while traveling, in the office, or during leisure time. Wherever you are, the garments from the 2024 Mediterranean Collection will be everything your wardrobe needed.

The Protagonists of the Mediterranean Collection

On the Course with Chervò Golf Champions

The 2024 Mediterranean Collection will be worn by our talented players, starring in the most prestigious golf competitions. Where to find them?

At DPWT - International Swing

Matteo Manassero: An icon of Italian golf, Manassero embodies elegance and precision.

Andrea Pavan e Johannes Veerman: Prodigies characterized by determination.

On the LPGA

Jenny Shin: A strong presence on the LPGA, Shin combines style and grit on the field.


Alessandra Fanali: Italian talent shines on the LET, wearing the Mediterranean Collection.

Sul Challenge Tour

Gregorio De Leo: The young De Leo takes his promising career to the next level with our collection.

Sull’Alps Tour

Monty Scowsill: A new face on the Alps Tour, standing out with style and determination.

Global Availability Beyond Borders

The Mediterraneo is not just a golf apparel collection; it's a global symbol of style and performance. In addition to being available on Chervo.com, you can find it in the best Golf Resorts worldwide, from Florida to California, Korea to Turkey, Mauritius to the Costa del Sol in Spain, and, of course, in Italy.

The 2024 Mediterraneo Collection masterfully combines style and performance, offering an unparalleled golf apparel experience. With refined details, technological materials, and a unique design, our collection will accompany you in every swing, transforming every game into an opportunity to shine.

Don't compromise on style, don't sacrifice performance. Be the protagonists of your game with the 2024 Mediterraneo Collection.