Many say it resembles a fish, a small fish swimming in the waters of the lagoon. Some others see two joined hands, merging in an indissoluble entwinement. All the people who have been, either for short or long periods, in Venice, have given their own interpretation. Personal, objective, shareable, unique. The visions of Venice are infinite, all correct and yet at the same time all incomplete. Our inspiration comes from a perspective that is more unusual than the others: Venice as seen from above, with a silhouette that carries deep meaning. The hands joining one another could not fail to strike the imagination of a creative team, who use their own hands to design the collections that arise from ever-changing inspirations, in order to dress those who love a sporty yet elegant style – technical, yet sophisticated - in everyday life but most importantly on golf courses all over the world.

A game born within nature and thanks to nature, just like Venice itself: a shining example of how nature becomes both a founding element as well as an instrument of ingenuity. The multifaceted composition of the city, standing on layers of water, earth, road and brick, is not far removed from the challenges every golfer encounters in their life on the golf course. Garments created for freedom of movement and comfort, never giving up on good taste and an intrinsically refined style: materials such as pique knitwear, jersey and sherpa fleece are declined in sporty variants that take shape together with some reversible models, thus marrying practicality and uniqueness. Hence, Chervò’s Fall/Winter 2023-24 collection explores the palette of all those primitive colours Venice is composed of, in its natural and non-natural facets: the blues of the lagoon, the blurred tones of the fog, the greens of the sandbanks and gardens, the bricks of the magnificent palaces along the foundations and the pinks of the walls crossed by the calli.

The tombolo of Burano and the tapestries of Venice find their motifs in the patterns of some women's models that tell the story of a legendary tradition. The camouflage of the garments is a direct reflection of the chromatic liquidity of the lagoon landscapes, in a combination of textures and tones that want to push the concept of technology together with that of a contemporary, urban style. Fall Winter 2023 is all about merging the captivating allure of Venice with the dynamic world of streetwear. Immerse yourself in a collection that combines the rugged appeal of camouflage, the luxurious comfort of faux fur, and the undeniable influence of urban street style, all while embracing the artistry of the game of golf. Designed for the modern golfer, our sportswear pieces combine functional elements with cutting-edge street style. From sleek jogger-style golf pants to hooded jackets with stylish zipper details, our collection reflects the dynamism and versatility of streetwear while ensuring optimal performance on the golf course. The calli of Venice therefore become the perfect stage for the street style featured in the cuts of the collection, which reinterpret the classic stereotypical vision of what - in reality - is perhaps the most modern city of all. Golf is as much about style as it is about skill.

With the unpredictable weather of fall and winter, layering becomes essential. Chervò’s Fall Winter 2023 offers a variety of versatile pieces designed to keep you warm and protected without compromising mobility. From lightweight yet insulating jackets to thermal sweaters and moisture-wicking base layers, our layering options provide the perfect balance of comfort, warmth, and flexibility. Stay focused and perform at your best, regardless of the weather conditions. Our collection is not only designed for the golf course but also offers versatility for your everyday activities. Transition seamlessly from a round of golf to casual social settings, effortlessly showcasing your style and love for the game. Every piece is thoughtfully crafted to enhance your performance while exuding sophistication and Italian flair: each garment is tailored to perfection, providing a sleek and modern fit that enhances your physique and adds a touch of sophistication.

An orange gem resting on a blue glass plate: it’s Venice seen from above.

Henry James