"In 2022, Chervò® celebrates its 40th birthday and nods to the past can be seen in many of the details of the new SS 2022 collection, in a very intimate way honouring our roots."

Lake Garda and, more specifically, the wonderful Gargnano Lemon Riviera—with its unique, picturesque setting— was the location we chose to present the new Chervò® collection recently.
A magical place in which the yellow of the lemons, the blue of the lake and light blue of the sky come together to form the perfect blend of shades, serving as a starting point and source of inspiration for the new Chervò® collection for the upcoming warm 2022 season.
The elegant, tranquil and relaxing atmosphere of this fantastic location is what influenced our designers when styling the Spring/Summer 2022 collection: garments that mirror the sporty-elegant dichotomy that inspires the brand, crafted—as always—from high-performance fabrics and with details that pay homage to the fabulous era of the '90s, in what is a very important anniversary for the brand.

In 2022, Chervò® celebrates its 40th birthday and nods to the past can be seen in many of the details of the new SS 2022 collection, in a very intimate way honouring our roots: the unspoilt nature, aromas, colours of the lemon gardens and, naturally, the golf courses.
The colours of the Lemon Riviera are brought to life in the garments of the collection and lend vibrancy to the technical performance-ensuring fabrics used while, at the same time, bringing a feeling of tranquillity and serenity and touching the hearts of all golf enthusiasts who know all too well how important dynamic, efficient and refined clothing is to playing well.
The key word of the Spring/Summer 2022 collection by Chervò® is, in fact, balance. Balance of shades, styles, prints, embroidery, pleats, ergonomic seams and optical effects: all details interspersed throughout the collection's clothing, and which give the wearer the opportunity to bask—in an elegant and comfortable way—in the atmosphere of the golf course, both on and off it.

Limonaia La Malora
The Chervò® campaign—inspired by the wonderful location of Lake Garda—sees the colours and aromas that make this place unique blend together. Like the lemon gardens adorning the landscape between the sky and lake, the clothing and accessories boast wonderful shades of yellow, navy blue, light blue and ultra-vibrant clematis pink. A combination that gives golf outfits, which boast clean lines and comfortable fits, classy-yet-casual tones: the epitome of Italian excellence and taste encapsulated in glamorous and relaxed pieces for the warm season.

Villa Fiordaliso - Torre San Marco and Villa Alba
As mentioned, relaxation and tranquillity are the cornerstones of the SS 2022 collection by Chervò®. So Villa Fiordaliso, a neoclassical gem in Gardone Riviera, is the perfect setting to showcase the refined and carefree garments for the upcoming season. Cleans lines combine with hand-drawn micro prints, and the colours are the calm, relaxed shades that are on full show at Villa Fiordaliso: navy blue, indigo, orange-red, pumice stone, deep black and pure white. Clothing and accessories perfect for both the golf course and leisure, and that give the wearer that relaxed, playful mood.

Gardagolf Country Club
The Gardagolf Country Club, in Soiano, embodies the elegance and practicality of this collection: a 27-hole golf course set among ancient olive groves that overlook the lake, with pristinely kept green lawns. A place where respecting the etiquette of golfing attire is part of the atmosphere and inspires style choices. The SS 2022 collection has functional performance-oriented lines, with ergonomic seams and elastic, water-repellent and wind-resistant fabrics fully created with proprietary Chervò technologies. Inspired by the Gardagolf Country Club, the women's line is enhanced by feminine touches, glittery details, pleating and sumptuous V-necks.

The Spring/Summer Ryder Cup Collection by Chervò®
The SS 2022 collection by Chervò® simply wouldn't be complete without a line inspired by the Ryder Cup which will be held at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Rome next year. This is an unmissable event for all enthusiasts, to be remembered and celebrated with polo shirts, vests, jackets and accessories embellished with the Ryder Cup badge for men and the prestigious cup for women.

“È dall’esperienza pluriennale e da una struttura ottimale che si riesce sempre a raggiungere i migliori risultati in termini sia di ottimizzazione della redditività e del servizio fornito al circolo ospitante, sia di soddisfazione e fidelizzazione del cliente finale. Un servizio continuato 365 giorni all’anno, dall’ordine base al riassortimento, dalla produzione di prodotti logati con lo stemma del circolo fino alla selezione dei migliori prodotti disponibili sul mercato, non solo con marchio Chervò, con un’ampia offerta di attrezzatura per soddisfare tutte le esigenze di soci e ospiti esterni. Tempestività, qualità dell’offerta, ed ovviamente grande cortesia del personale, adeguatamente formato, garantiscono la migliore esperienza d’acquisto presso i nostri punti vendita”.

Credits immagini:
Stefano Pinci
Instagram @stefano.pinci_hotelphoto